EXCELSIOR, which means “higher and even higher” by dictionary definition, has the meaning that symbolizes the passion and the hope of those who are seeking the higher places.

EKKIA S.A.S, founded more than half a century ago and located in east of France, has been operating the brand “EXCELSIOR” for decades. Based on its company history, we have been establishing the collaboration with EKKIA S.A.S continuously and finally reach to enter into “Trade Mark Cooperation Agreement” for “EXCELSIOR” brand not only in Korea but also globally in Vulcanized Shoes market.

We, based on the experience and successful performance in Vulcanized Shoes market so far, launch new Vulcanized Shoes Brand “EXCELSIOR” which meet the needs and taste of customers all over the world having core competency such as a unique design ability and a technical capability with outstanding high quality.